The Thai Way

The Thai Way maybe not your way:

IMG_20181129_155718Cutting steel on a public road

IMG_20181129_155453IMG_20181129_155455Bending Steel by hand

IMG_20181129_073316An offering to say sorry for disturbing the ground. The incense sticks are doused in alcohol, which seems to help

recycled-nails.jpgRecycling nails. Somebody sat here for half the day pulling nails out of bits of wood.

img_20181201_135813.jpgSite electrics have been updated

img_20181201_134241.jpgA room with a view. I have been assured that the builders will take all their shit with them when they go.

IMG_20181210_165453 bSafety footwear as always. These kids think they are at the beach.

img_20190113_145413bPreparing to do some welding

img_20190120_174638Waterproof electrics

Thai welder

Rear ViewFront ViewI wanted to continue the wrap around roof, to give me another room in front of the bathrooms and a place for my solar panels in front of the house, unfortunately I was told that in Thailand this was very unlucky…..something about Ghosts… could not be done.

IMG_20190217_090400Village Shaman was summoned. A little ceremony and a few thousand Baht later the Ghosts had been informed that this house belonged to a Foreigner who did not believe in Ghosts, so they were wasting their time complaining about the wrap around roof.

StrapThis is why I like to be on site every day. This is how they planned to hang the ceiling on the third floor.

BarThis what it looked like are we had a chat about “big wind”

One of the the things that I failed to budget for when I was planning my house was a “Spirit House” I do not confess to fully understand them, but I believe they are a little house where ghosts or spirits can live. They often have  little grandparent figures in them. As well as providing a shelter for the spirits, it is also very important that they are provided with the things that they possibly enjoyed in their previous life. Daily offerings, such as food, drinks, and garlands are left at the spirit house to ensure that the guardian spirits are happy and content.



The ceremony for the spirit house included a pig’s head, apparently the ghosts in Thailand are not vegetarian