Retaining Wall

A front fence was required:dig-the-holes-for-the-posts.jpgbefore.jpg

and afterDig some holes add steel and concrete.


20180608_112959-copy.jpgWe had a steel fence and gate manufactured locally.

20180624_164121.jpg20180625_170959.jpgThe village decided to extend the concrete road to our land.

20180709_08520620180709_0904091.jpg20180709_0911031.jpgSo we joined our land to it. It gives us some parking space in front

20180710_141241.jpgFoundations and posts for the front fence and gate ฿32,000
Fence ฿54,000, with additional foundations ฿2,200
Concrete to join to the road ฿17,400

Retaining Wall:posts-and-planks-for-the-retaining-wall1.jpgPosts and planks for the retaining wall ฿75,000

Moving Posts into placeholes-dug-posts-in-place.jpgMoving 5 cubic meters of concrete by handCorner posts get concrete feetPosts get concrete feet, but pouring 5m3 of concrete by hand is hard work

shuttering-complete.jpgwaiting-to-set.jpgform work offThis wall is not going to fall down

img_20181125_091751.jpgSlotting in the planks into the posts. Note the safety footwear which can also be used when riding motorbikes

lots-of-concrete.jpgSuper strong planks added in front of the posts, ฿10,000. Labour to complete the retaining wall ฿27,000

img_20181128_093450.jpgWatching this is better than being at school!

IMG_20190209_173045IMG_20190209_172942Steel fence to go on top of the retaining walls. 78m ฿62,000

IMG_20190418_090124When you cut a chaonte (land deed) it requires fencing off. Each post cost ฿140 and I needed 178 of them. I will also have to pay for sand, gravel, cement and wire. Setting the posts cost ฿90 each with ฿100 for any posted that needed moving. When the Land Office came to survey the land, they informed us that many of the old posts were not in the correct position.

IMG_20190422_1229461.3 kilometers of barbed wire ฿6,000. There will be 2km in total.

Fitted a sliding gate to the back of the property, so we now have steel spiked fencing all around the property – It was made for me by the same company that manufactured the stainless doors and they did a great job.20190702_095601179_iOS


The walls and pipes get a coat of “Battleship Grey”

grey 2

Gate promo

We purchased a Gate closer at the Architect show in Bangkok. It comes with remotes and and an app to control the gate. I get a notification on my  iPhone and Apple watch when the gate is opened.


A team from Buriram, the next province, came to fit it after we had laid power to the gate and fitted a concrete base

gate opener

wifi extender

We needed to fit  wifi extender to send wifi out to the road  so that we could open the gate before arriving at the house.